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What the critics have said about Haverty & Russ and their Off Broadway hit, INSIDE OUT:

“A cheerful enterprise with buoyant music by Adryan Russ, sharp lyrics by Russ and Doug Haverty, who also wrote the bright book. The play often touches the heart, displaying wit and high spirits, even as it addresses insecurity and loneliness. The role-playing device demonstrates, vibrantly, how group therapy can work for people. Every song drew an emotional response—and enthusiastic applause—from the audience. Haverty captures group-talk so it sounds both realistic and gently comical. There’s something very satisfying about this show.”
— A. Jacobsen, New York Newsday

“… music is great, very catchy ... fabulous ... riveting! Could be the next FANTASTICKS ... better than NUNSENSE.”
— Joy Behar, WABC Talk Radio and “The View”

“A bright, witty and wise musical comedy about the way we live now.”
— Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“These women are desperate, smart, sassy, affectionate, aware and determined. Mr. Haverty creates characters with strong personalities and depth, people one would like to know ... such outgoing homebodies they make the whole audience feel like part of the group. In fact, that is the secret of this entire merry musical.”
— D. Bruckner, The New York Times

“We know that group therapy sessions don’t usually include singing and dancing, but Russ & Haverty make the audience believe it’s the most natural thing in the world ... This audience-pleasing show follows five women who chide one another when someone’s suppressing an honest feeling and eagerly step into each other’s shoes to share the therapeutic value of role-playing, is at once funny and touching ... They sing their stories in songs that are bouncy and friendly, seemingly familiar but appropriate to the mood.” 
— J. Handlemann, VARIETY